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Monday, June 1, 2015

Absolutely Truly | Heather Vogel Frederick

Absolutely Truly is a children’s mystery book about a family that moves to small town to take over their grandparents’ bookstore when the father gets injured at war. A mystery note is found in a book in the store and Truly decides to uncover the true meaning behind the letter. For a more complete summary, you can go here.

This story has three things that I love: a bookstore, a mystery, and a small town. And pumpkins! So make that four things. I seriously considered opening up my own bookstore and moving to a small town after reading this book. It just sounds so quaint and peaceful. 

I love how modern this book is. It just came out in 2014, but it seems really relevant to current pop culture (i.e. video chat, cell phones, and Michael Phelps). My only concern is how quickly this book will become outdated. Technology and pop culture changes so quickly, that within a few years this book may, in fact, be irrelevant. I also love how this book teaches children new words and references by clearly defining or explaining them. This is a great way to scaffold children’s learning by using their prior schema along with explanations (sorry my education background is coming out…hehe). 

This book also deals with some challenging topics in a way that is easy for children to understand—such as military, war, and amputations—and without sounding too terrifying or making light of the situation. It really is the perfect balance. 

I really just love everything about this book. I would recommend it to children and adults. It one of my new favorite children’s books and I can’t wait to see if this becomes a series! If you are interested in buying the book, you can buy it here. After you have read it, leave a comment and let me know what you think! 

 *****   5/5 Stars

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