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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Best Books I’ve Read in 2015—So Far

These are the best books that I’ve read in 2015 so far. I will do another one of these lists at the end of the year. I will also make a list of my all time favorite books soon. All of these books are ones that I have read and reviewed with a five star rating. They will also all receive my Judging More Than Just The Cover Best Book Award. 

Sharp Objects | Gillian Flynn

Sharp Objects is a thriller about a reporter, Camille, who has to reluctantly travel back to her hometown to write about the murder of two young girls. Camille has an ugly past filled with death, cutting, and violence. This is the story of her discovering the mystery of a brutal town filled with evil people.

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I’ll Meet you There | Heather Demetrios

I’ll Meet You There is a story of two teens trying to get out of their rundown small town: Skylar and Josh. Skylar yearns to leave the town that holds her back, but she doesn’t want to leave her alcoholic mother behind with her new scummy boyfriend. Josh got his chance to leave by joining the Marines, but he was forced to come back after losing his leg. This creates a relationship between two people who just really need to be understood.

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Panic | Lauren Oliver

Panic is a young adult novel about a secret competition for graduating seniors in a small town. The winner gets to take a pot of about $67,000. The only catch is that the challenges are life-threatening and illegal.

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Paper Towns | John Green

Paper Towns is a coming-of-age story about a boy, Q, who has always been “in love” with his next door neighbor, Margo. One night she takes him on a crazy adventure, and the next day she disappears. Q does everything to find out who Margo really is, and where did she go? 

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Gone Girl | Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl is a mystery/thriller novel about a women who goes missing on the day of her fifth wedding anniversary. The clues seem to point to a murder by her husband, but things don’t seem to be adding up. 

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Something Real | Heather Demetrios

Something Real is a novel about Bonnie (AKA Chloe) Baker, a star of the reality show “Baker’s Dozen”. Her family—including her 12 siblings—are all displayed for the entire world to see, and judge. Bonnie does not handle the situation well and struggles to create a normal life for herself.

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The Supremes at Earl’s All-You-Can-Eat | Edward Kelsey Moore

The Supremes is a book about three African-American friends in their fifties, known as “The Supremes”, in their small town in Indiana. They spend every Sunday after church at the local diner, Earl’s All-You-Can-Eat. This book chronicles their lives together from the 1960’s to present day. Above all, it is a book about friendship.

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Absolutely Truly | Heather Vogel Frederick

Absolutely Truly is a children’s mystery book about a family that moves to small town to take over their grandparents’ bookstore when the father gets injured at war. A mystery note is found in a book in the store and Truly decides to uncover the true meaning behind the letter.

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Rain Reign | Ann M. Martin

Rain Reign is about a little girl, Rose, with Asperger’s syndrome. She loves homonyms, which is why her dog is appropriately named Rain, which has two homonyms: Rein and Reign. Her mom is absent and her dad has a temper, so when her only friend, Rain, goes missing, Rose struggles to find a new routine and purpose.

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Tuck Everlasting | Natalie Babbitt

Tuck Everlasting is a fantasy novel about a young girl that meets a family that seems to never age. She quickly feels a connection with the Tucks and learns more about life than she ever expected.

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