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Friday, August 28, 2015

Book Spotlight: Teera: A Life of Hope and Fulfillment | Teera de Fonseka

Genre: Memoir
Paperback: 234 pages 
Perspective: First Person
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (February 22, 2015) 
Language: English 


Teera’s life was beautiful. Having grown up in the splendor of a beachside paradise, Teera settled down in a good home with the love of her life and their two gorgeous children. Filled with love, joy, and a promising future, Teera’s world was nearly perfect, until the night her husband was violently murdered while the two of them lay in bed sleeping. The assailant intended to kill her too, but Teera survived. Devastated by loss and disfigured from a gruesome facial wound, her infants still to care for, Teera learned to endure and to carry on. Yet the murder was only the beginning. It would be years before Teera escaped the turmoil she faced in Sri Lanka, finding refuge for her family in a far away land. This is Teera’s life of hope and fulfillment, a declaration of faith and of love. Honest, inspiring and heart-rending, Teera’s is an incredible saga set against an enchanting tropical landscape tainted by bloodshed and betrayal.


Sri Lanka was not always a place to escape from. In many ways, I wish I never had to leave. But I did, and that’s another story that I’m only beginning to address. When I was growing up, Sri Lanka was paradise. It was home, and I didn’t know anything outside of the little teardrop-shaped island off the coast of India that we called Ceylon. 

It is customary where I come from to name the home that your family resides in. A lot of families would proudly display the name of their first-born son somewhere near the door. Others would display religious tributes or anything else that might be relevant to their household. My family’s home has a wooden sign with the name “Sea Breeze” carved into it, a tribute to both the ocean we lived on, and the safe serenity that home granted our family. 


I don't have any rituals when it comes to my writing. I write whenever inspiration compels me. I want my writing to be natural and unforced. 

When I am not writing, I like to read, take long walks, and watch inspirational TV programs. I also listen to  spiritual leaders like Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer. They have brought a positive energy into my life. 

Additionally, I love listening to music and volunteering where ever my help is needed. I used to multitask, but these days I have learned to slowdown and do one thing at a time. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to do something I love doing. I enjoy writing very much and found writing to be a great hobby to keep the mind alert. It is a great way to meditate, search the heart and soul. 

I don't have a tool to measure the success of a writer but I am convinced that a writer must have the courage to tell the truth, be ready to be silly, but clever and some who is willingly open to learn the simple and effective tools to complete the project with joy.

I can honestly say that finally life makes sense.


Teera de Fonseka is a mother, a grandmother, and a writer living in Los Angeles, California. In her free time she enjoys reading, writing and walking her dog, Tigger. Writing especially has become a hobby for Teera in recent years, as she has worked to publish her memoirs. She loves to spend her days, as she puts it, “writing her heart out.”

Writing has brought Teera a great deal of peace and she wants to encourage others to write their hearts out too. She hopes that her story can touch and inspire others. After having had a chance to tell her tale, Teera wants to keep helping people. She finds inspiration in the talent that she sees in the people around her. She wants to encourage these people to do everything that they can with these talents, and to live up to their potential; to trust in God’s plan for them.