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Q & A With Author K.J. Farnham

Hi, K.J. Thanks for joining me! First question: what is your book NOT about?
Click Date Repeat Again is NOT a cutesy chick-lit novel.
What is your book about?
Click Date Repeat Again is a book that contains elements of chick-lit combined with aspects of women’s fiction and contemporary romance. It’s about Jess Mason, a young woman who’s made a pact with herself to shake a few bad habits in an attempt to get her love life in order. Trying to be helpful, her best friend Chloe (who met her significant other online in Click Date Repeat) subscribes Jess to an online dating site. This is when Jess’s journey toward finding that special someone begins.
What is your favorite line from your book?
My favorite line occurs on the very last page, so I can’t share it without spoiling the end. But here’s a runner-up…
“Maybe the love of my life is a chain-smoking Jewish porn star whose wife has been in a coma for the last twenty years. How will I find him if I set too many parameters?”
What celebrities would…

Q & A With Author Jessica Bayliss

Hi Jessica, thanks for joining me! Let's get started. What is your book NOT about?
My book is not about spooky happenings that turn out to be totally explainable by logical phenomena. It’s not about someone whose imagination ran away with them. 
So then what is your book about?
BROKEN CHORDS is about Lenora “Lenny” Ragno, a sixteen-year-old girl who is attending the Gypsy Cob music festival with her family. Lenny plays the fiddle—a special fiddle her dad carved for her with a spider insignia, which represents her family name. But, she hasn’t played it in public since last year at Gypsy Cob when she choked during the amateur contest in her duet with her long-time friend and crush, Jeb. Now, she’s totally freaked to play in public and to see Jeb. 
But, this book is a total horror story. There are creepy entities, including one that claims Lenny during her one and only foray into astral projection—at the request of one of her festival friends. She keeps getting sucked into this twisted b…