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Q & A With Author Kate O'Keeffe

Hi, Kate. Let's get started! What is your book NOT about? 
My book is not about zombies taking over the world, aliens making slaves of the entire human race, or hot-shot spies beating the bad guys. Although I’m sure all those things are wonderful in their own right, they are definitely and unequivocally not what One Last First Date is about.
What is your book about? 
Now that’s an easier question to answer. One Last First Date is about Cassie Dunhill, a woman in her late-twenties, who is sick of the whole dating game. She wants to find the right guy, settle down, and never have to go on another first date again. So, she and her friends, after a glass or two too much chardonnay, make a pact: they will marry the next guy they each go out with. That means, they get One Last First Date, which is what the book is called.
Oh, sounds very interesting! What is your favorite line from your book? 
“In all my fantasies of how tonight would go, not a single one involved my future husband gently tw…

Q & A With Author Melissa Baldwin

Hi, Melissa. Thanks for joining me. Let’s get started. What is your book NOT about? 
It’s not just about the main character dreaming of performing on Broadway. There are many different aspects to the story. Friendship, family, new love, career, doing things we may not want to do.
What is your book about?
Following dreams, finding love, new beginnings.
What is your favorite line from your book? 
"I really don’t want to tell my mom that her face looks like 1982 threw up all over it." What celebrities would play your main characters if it were a movie?
Visit my Pinterest page for my dream casts  This is still a work in progress…
Take me through a day in your life. 
During the week—wake up, take my daughter to school, go to the gym or run, errands, writing, laundry, dinner, more writing. Sometimes I squeeze in some TV. 
Show me a picture of your writing spot. 
This varies from day to day. Sometimes it’s my couch, but today it’s Starbucks. 

If you could spend the day with anyone, dead or ali…