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Q & A With Author Camilla Isley

Hi Camilla. Welcome back for your second interview here! What is your book NOT about?
Murder. Tragedy. Evil witches. Dragons.
What is your book about?
Finding love. Learning to love again. Moving beyond stereotypes of how life should be. The love of a pet. Crazy funny situations. Starting over. A journey to learn what matters and what doesn’t. A bit of office romance. Friendship. Happily ever afters…
What is your favorite line from your book?
“Live and embarrass yourself the most you can.”
To put it into context it goes like this…
“…So what’s your plan for the weekend?” I shrug. “Survive without embarrassing myself too much?” “That sounds like an awful plan.” “You have a better suggestion?” “Live and embarrass yourself the most you can.”
What celebrities would play your main characters if it were a movie?
Blair: Emma Stone Richard: Ashton Kutcher
I love Ashton! Take me through a day in your life.
It’s not that exciting… working at home means I basically walk down the stairs and am in the office. With…

It's a Writer Thing -- Preparing for Pitch Wars

This is a guest post by Jessica Bayliss. 
As a former Pitch2Publication success story, I KNOW what it feels like to be short-listed. I KNOW how amazing it is to read the words: And the next mentee is (YOUR NAME HERE). I want you to have that too. So please, do everything you can to help yourself before the submission window begins. 
Make it impossible for us to not choose your submission. 
I also know all the negative thoughts that go through the authors’ minds during this process. P2P wasn’t the only competition I entered. I entered several over the years that I was not chosen for, so I know that feeling too. It’s scary to put yourself out there, but I firmly believe that we MUST put ourselves out there, and I also believe the stress is totally worth it. 
So, in the spirit of combating those negative thoughts now, I’ve listed out the ones that I had back in the day in the hopes that they will help you.
I won’t get chosen, so there’s no point in doing ___________ (insert phrase as applicab…

Q & A With Author Lisa Daily

Hi, Lisa! Thanks for joining me today. Let's get started! What is your book NOT about?
Great question! My book is not about eighteenth-century poets. Or fisherwomen. Or a secret society of rogue weavers.
So, what is your book about?
It's about putting your life back together again after other people sometimes screw up your big plans for how things are going to be. And best girlfriends. And the weirdness of dating. And the absolute deliciousness of truly connecting with someone on every conceivable level. And first kisses. And first more than kisses. And pot-smoking octogenarians. And laughing until your sides hurt.
Sounds fun! What is your favorite line from your book?
"Botox is as common as seagulls in Sarasota, but most of the women I know who use the dermatologist's little helper still have full range of expression. Except squinting, of course."
What celebrities would play your main characters if it were a movie?
I love this question because whenever I'm writing …