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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Q & A With Author Angelina Kerner

Hi, Angelina! Thanks for joining me and let's get started! What is your book NOT about?

It’s not about the most popular girl on campus. It’s not about a perfect girl. 

So, what is your book about?
It’s about a disabled girl going through an experimental treatment while being watched over by a young bodyguard. 

What is your favorite line from your book?

“[Darkness] is the only color I know,” I confessed. 

What celebrities would play your main characters if it were a movie?

David Gallagher as Leon.

Emma Watson as Chanel. 

Take me through a day in your life. 

I work from 8 am to 5:30 pm every day from home. In between, I feed my son and maybe read a little. After work, I take a walk with my son and, while he sleeps in his stroller, I write or read. After that, I make dinner and up to two days’ worth of other meals.  That way, I don’t have to cook as much every day and can spend more time with my son and family. I give him a bath around 9 or 10 pm, and all games stop cause he needs to know that it’s night and everybody sleeps at night. I drink lots of tea in between all of that. 

Show me a picture of your writing spot. 

If you could spend the day with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you do?

My mother told me a great many things about her father. If I could spend a day, I would spend it with him. I named my son after her father. He died a year before I was born so I never got a chance to meet him. 

What is the weirdest thing you have had to research for writing purposes?

Nazca lines. People write some weird theories about them. 

I'll have to do some reading on that! What was your favorite book as a child, and what is your favorite book now?

When I was a child, I liked “The Three Little Pigs.” I could never understand why the pigs didn’t realize the wolf was hungry. They would have lived if they’d invited him to dinner. 

Now, it’s The Banned and the Banished series by James Clemens. His writing was an inspiration for me to become an author. 

What books are you currently reading? 

1. Candlelight by P.S. Meraux
2. The Curious Tale of Gabrielle (Book 1) by Zachary Chopchinski 
3. Crimes Against a Book Club by Kathy Cooperman
4. Dead Wrong by Lee Dobbs
5. Floozies and Fallout by Ravenna Young

What is the strangest fact about you? 

When I grocery shop, I usually tend to dance next to my cart while I think up what I need to buy. People actually thanked me for brightening up their days. I usually just do the step work of salsa, waltz, or tango. 

What writers inspire you?

James Clemens, Marion Zimmer Bradley, and Lloyd Alexander

Why do you write?

Because I’m a dreamer; a Pisces. I always have stories inside my mind so I decided to share them. 

I am a Pisces too! We are definitely the creative type. What are you working on right now?

Into the Flames is a work of new adult fantasy fiction. This is not the final cover design (that’s still in the works). It is a sister book to Deity’s Soulmate. In Deity’s Soulmate, the main character, Gardenia, connects with the Queen of the a break to get away from a certain dragon. The queen tells of her niece and heir apparent. This is the story of how that legacy is fulfilled-complete with romance, competition, and magick. 

How can readers learn more about you and your work?

By connecting with me at:

By following my blog, readers can find out what I’m reading and working on. I also have short stories on the blog and a subseries of entries on the challenges of being a mother and a writer at the same time!

Thanks for joining me and good luck with your new book!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Q & A With Author Aimee Brown

Hi, Aimee! It is so great to have you on here as an author! What is your book NOT about? 

Little Gray Dress is not about the good ole western days. There is no erotica element. There also isn’t a unicorn involved in any way, shape or form.

So, what is your book about? 

Little Gray Dress follows the main character, Emi Harrison, as she tries to manage her brother Evan’s wedding while facing her ex-fiance Jack for the first time in two years. Finding out that Jack is now engaged to her arch enemy doesn’t make things any easier.

What is your favorite line from your book? 

‘It pretty much fits like a glove. The latex kind.’

What celebrities would play your main characters if it were a movie? 

Ashley Benson would play Emi Harrison
Henry Cavill would play Jack Cabot
Josh Duhamel would play Liam Jaxson 

Take me through a day in your life. 

A day in my life. I find that I’m completely unable to sleep past 8 am anymore (sigh) so I generally am up and on my first cup of coffee by then. I feed the fish, put out the dogs and enjoy the silence.

I clean the house in the mornings then work on emails, blog posts or marketing stuff. I have lunch. I then work on some of my husband and my’s main business things. Sending emails, returning calls, filing, all that fun stuff. I homeschool my youngest child, who is 13 so we work on that in the afternoons. I then make dinner, clean again and start writing. Of course, being that I work from home and my kids are older this schedule changes daily it seems but generally it’s safe to assume that I do a lot of computer work, cleaning, yelling, writing, pet care, chauffeuring kids to and from work and activities, and more cleaning. I’m not too exciting.

Show me a picture of your writing spot.  

My writing spot is on the far side of my living/dining room and up against the window looking into my kitchen.

That is beautiful! I love your color-organized books. If you could spend the day with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you do? 

Wow! I’d love to see my maternal Grandparents or paternal Grandfather again. They died while I was living far from Oregon so I hadn’t seen them in a couple years before they all suddenly passed.

What is the weirdest thing you have had to research for writing purposes? 

I recently did some research on professional speed rollerskaters, of the male variety. In particular, I was interested in the outfits they wear… I’ll let you simmer on that.

I just Googled that. Very...tight. What was your favorite book as a child, and what is your favorite book now? 

I honestly don’t remember one as a smaller child but as a teen, my favorite book was Just As Long As We’re Together by Judy Blume. I didn’t own it, but I checked it out at the library every other month or so and just loved it.

What book are you currently reading?  

Sadly, right now I haven’t had time to open a book. I’ve been getting ready for Little Gray Dress’s release and working on my next title. But, my Kindle is just heaping full and anxiously awaiting me to open whatever seems to call out to me next.

What is the strangest fact about you? 

Hmmm… besides the very visible tattoo’s (which I don’t even find strange, but it seems others do) I was once arrested when I was 21 (& pregnant, I should probably sue them for distress lol). It was a huge misunderstanding, I didn’t pay a ticket on time (the ONLY ticket I’ve ever received) and instead of the judge suspending my license, which is what should have happened, he put a warrant out for my arrest and since I knew every police officer in town they thought it would be fabulously hilarious to come arrest me, cuff me, put me in the car like a criminal and book me. Until my husband could pay the whopping $60 that I owed, which he had paid by the time they booked me. But that didn’t stop them from doing my prints and handcuffing me to a bench in a cell. Needless to say, that officer and I weren’t friends much longer. Luckily that was my only 15 minutes of jail time. I learned so much while I was hanging out in the slammer alone… 😉

Wow! That's crazy! What writers inspire you? 

SO many!! Wow, Sophie Kinsella, Emily Giffin, Meg Cabot, Candace Bushnell and so many indie authors I know that I couldn’t even list them all for fear of missing someone.

Why do you write? 

I love it. I think writing is just a part of me. I fell in love with it in my mid-twenties and realized through a college professor that I was really pretty good at it. It’s taken me a long time to finally find the story that would become my debut novel but I’m glad now that it took this long and that Little Gray Dress is the one.

What are you working on right now? 

I’ll give you five clues.
1- It’s Romantic Comedy.
2- It’s set in Portland, Oregon.
3- It might include a character from Little Gray Dress.
4- A speedskater makes a few awkward appearances.
5- There is a 3-year-old girl named Sasha.

Sounds interesting! How can readers learn more about you and your work? 

I’m a social media addict. You can find me at any of the links below or at my website. I can’t wait to hear from you! Also, I have the cutest Giveaway for the tour opened worldwide. Included is a 'create' coffee cup, some dark & handsome K-cup pods, a cute Life is Short, Eat Cake wall art, some tiny macaroons, a Little Gray Dress bookmark & postcard!

Enter here:

Thank you for joining me and best of luck with your release!