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About Me

The Brief Bio: 

Amber Gregg has a Master of Early Childhood Education degree from THE Ohio State University [Go Bucks!]. She loves books, Pinterest crafts, color-coded planners, sitting on her patio, and brownies. She loves trying to make her cat, Monster, love her more and make her dog, Redbull, love her less. She believes that photos are essential—and still carries around an actual camera. Her persona is a tattooed rocker mashed with a tea-drinking-yogi.

The Long Story: 

Amber Gregg has always had a passion for education and literacy. She has worked with children in a variety of settings since she was a teen [including but not limited to: camps, nannying, rock-climbing lessons, cooking lessons, zoo school, preschool, daycare, etc.]. She moved from Illinois to Ohio to attend The Ohio State University, where she immediately met her now-husband. She was planning on being an elementary teacher, so she got a Masters in Early Childhood Education from OSU. She now teaches English at a local university. She also does virtual assistant and editing services. 

Amber's passion for reading and literacy grows stronger each day, and she loves sharing that passion through her website, Judging More Than Just The Cover. Through book reviews, spotlights, author discussions, and writings, she is able to help aspiring and current authors, publishers, and readers. She loves pulling from her education background to help inspire children and adults to love reading. 

She now lives in Virginia with her husband, dog, and cat. They enjoy exploring a new part of their area every Saturday. Amber loves reading (of course!), writing novels, photography, scrapbooking, and making Pinterest crafts. She is currently working on her debut novel, which is Young Adult Fiction. Keep your eye out for that!