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Editing Services

Are you writing a book, blog post, essay or other document? 

If you are interested in having me edit/proofread your document or book, please contact me for more details:

Turn around time will depend on type of editing chosen and the type of document and word count.

While I provide suggestions, the final say always remains in your hands. I use Microsoft Word's Track Changes so you can see exactly where any changes are made. Then you can choose whether or not to keep them.

Please contact me for pricing details. Price is typically based on word count and genre of book.

Editing Packages

Developmental Editing:

I will work closely with you to develop the content, characters, and plot. I will not write the story for you, but I will give you feedback and advice.

Line Editing:

I will edit style, tone, word choice, and sentence structure. I will also give suggestions for content and clarity.

Copy Editing:

I will take a thorough look at spelling, grammar, and typography, and fix any errors so that you can focus on the creative process.

Proofreading (AKA the Final Stage):

I will read through your book/document to make sure there are no final errors in grammar or formatting.

Back Cover Copy: 

I will write a summary and author biography to go on the back cover of your book.